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Homebuyers!?  Are you shopping for a new home?  Your dream house could pop up in your preferred market at any time, and you should be prepared!

First time homebuyers, let’s make sure your finances are in shape so you’re ready to roll when you find that place.  We want to help you out with some tips on whittling away your debt, and preparing your money for home ownership.

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Millennials are a big part of the current housing market boom, with some reports saying more than 60% of millenial’s are planning to buy a home.  If you’re part of those numbers this article from housing wire has some good suggestions to get you ready for home ownership.

One of the most important things is to tackle your debt.  Debt is a part of many peoples lives.  From student loans, to credit cards…many of us have racked up some debt along the way.  Understanding where you stand with the money you owe can help you rise above debt quicker.

For many, a way to save some cash might be through a temporary living situation.  Splitting costs, or living with family can help save some of your precious earned dollars.  Look at it as a means to finding your own space.

Take a good look at your expenses.  One suggestion for younger adults in good health, look at health insurance plans with higher deductibles to cut your monthly premium prices.  Other expenses that many of us have include streaming services.  Check out the ones you really use, and maybe consider splitting a subscription with friends or family.

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Ask an expert.  Maybe give a financial advisor a call, and ask for some suggestions for your current stage in life.  For housing advice, call a realtor.  A good realtor can provide insight and tips on landing a home in your preferred market.

First-time home ownership is within reach!  Take control of your plans, and figure out what it will take!

At Pagosa Brokers Real Estate, we’re here for you, and want to make your home-ownership dreams a reality!

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